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收費 Charges

運動治療 / 運動復康

​Sports Therapy / Sports Rehabilitation

​港幣$900元/節 (45分鐘)

HKD$900/session (45 min)

  • 治療類服務

    • 如需一節內治療或診斷多於一個患處,將額外加收      50%收費 (每患處)

  • For Therapy Service:

    • Extra 50% will be charged (/injury site) for   additional treatment or assessment


Instant Recovery

運動按摩 (20分鐘) + 壓縮治療 (15分鐘) + 脈衝電療 (10分鐘)

Sports Massage (20min) + Compression Therapy (15min) + Electrotherapy (20min)

港幣$400元/節 (45分鐘)

HKD$500/session (45 min)


Sports Massage/Stretching

港幣$500元/節 (45分鐘)

HKD$500/session (45min)


*Further enquires for discounted packages

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