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關於我們 About Us

「醫學化運動,運動化醫療 」

是BODY SOLUTION成立的目標。要追求健康生活,大家往往會忽略專業訓練的重要性。我們希望能夠連結彼此,將運動醫學和科學融入日常生活。從運動醫學及科學角度出發,同時提供醫療、訓練、復康及保養俱備的平台,整合成一套方案,從而在同一中心能執行醫療,訓練,復康,保養的四大元素。

"Medical fitness based on Sports Science and Sports Medicine."

While pursuing a healthy lifestyle, people often neglects the importance of professional sports training. We hope to present the solution, integrating sports science and medicine into daily life. With scientific evidence and support, we provide one-stop service of medical fitness training, rehabilitation and injury prevention.


使命 Mission

「專業共享,創建運動生活圈 」


"Share professionalism, establish a sporty community."

We tailor individualized training programs to meet specific needs of our valued clients. To promote and popularise sports science and medicine in the community.

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